Banded Crickets v House Crickets


Do you have a pet that enjoys eating live crickets? Did you know there are several types of live crickets to choose from… and they are not all created equal! At Critters and Crawlers, we have chosen to exclusively breed banded crickets.  These easy to keep, active and nutritious crickets are an ideal live feeder for your pet.


Banded crickets


Here are the top reasons to choose banded crickets!


  1. They live longer than many other species of crickets and are easy to keep
  2. They are very active, which provides a lively feeding experience for your pet
  3. Only adult banded crickets chirp (the noise that is made when a cricket rubs its wings together) and their short wings make their sound quieter than other crickets
  4. Banded crickets are easily digestible with their short wings, soft exoskeleton and minimal chitin
  5. They are high in protein and have a higher caloric value compared to other species
  6. They are not as stinky as other crickets (in particular the house cricket)
  7. They are typically not aggressive towards humans or animals
  8. They are quite hearty and are very resistant to cricket viruses


Panther chameleon eating a live cricket 

Critters and Crawlers sells live banded crickets directly from our website. Choose the quantity and size that suits your pet’s needs.


Cricket sizing chart

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