Caring for your Mealworms

Your bulk Mealworms will arrive in a large plastic container with holes in the lid or in a vented bag in a cardboard box. For obtaining an optimal lifespan, Mealworms should be kept at cooler temperatures than room temperature. Optimally, they should be stored at 11C which is the temperature of a typical wine cooler. They can also be kept in the refrigerator and warmed up for 15 minutes prior to feeding to ensure proper activity. 

They are packed in their own food from our farm with slices of carrot for hydration. As they consume their food, they will produce frass (excrement) that is finer in consistency and more of a grey color. When they have consumed most of their food and there is a majority of frass in the container, it will be necessary to supplement their food supply with Critters Worm Bedding. It is also necessary to continue to provide the Mealworms with carrot slices for continued hydration before feeding them to your pet. 

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