Where do you ship?

We package our insects for appropriate shipping all across Canada.

We do not ship outside of Canada.

Can you ship to a PO Box?

Yes, we can ship to a PO Box. Please select Canada Post shipping at check out. The post office will provide a slip for pickup, and we recommend picking up your order as soon as possible upon receipt of the card. We cannot be responsible in our live guarantee for extra days and nights spent at the postal office from not retrieving your shipment.

How do you measure live insects?

We measure insects by weight and, as a general rule, over-pack to account for any possible death in transit. We do not count out each insect one by one when packing for shipment. If you have received more or less than the count you ordered, that is due to us using standardized weights per size.

What are your shipping prices?

Shipping and handling prices are calculated at checkout, and depend on the amount and type of bugs ordered, as well as the service and speed of delivery. You can select from Canada Post, UPS and FedEx.

We offer a flat fee for delivery in the Calgary area. If you put in your postal code and come up with shipping rates, we cannot deliver to your area.

Do you ship in the winter?

Yes, please see our Cold Weather Shipping Policy in Shipping for more information.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

We have wholesale prices available for recognized reptile breeders, retail pet stores and distributors, and wildlife rehabilitation centres. Please email info@crittersandcrawlers.com for more information.

How do I choose the right insect for my pet?

We love to make sure your animal gets the right food! Please refer to our Live Feeder Table for more information.

What is the correct size of insect to feed my pet?

Generally, the best way to tell the correct size is that the feeder should be no larger than the distance between your pet’s eyes.

How do I care for the insects once I receive them?   

Our insects are raised in the best possible conditions – they are fresh from our farm to your pet’s bowl. Please refer to Insect Care for more information on how to maintain the longevity of your live feeders.

What is your return policy?

We do not recommend shipping back live feeders. If there was an error in the type or quantity of insects shipped, we will replace any shortages or omissions on your next order at no charge.   

Our live guarantee amounts to more than a 10% death rate, and applies to Calgary deliveries and 1-day shipped orders only.

Replacements of dead on arrival (DOA) insects with your next order will be honoured when you notify us within 12 hours of receiving the shipment. DOA insects must be photographed for proof of death and sent by e-mail to: info@crittersandcrawlers.com

We will only issue a replacement product (at no charge for insects) when shipped with your next order. We cannot refund any shipping charges.

Note: only one replacement will be offered for your order. Unfortunately, we cannot control the living environments in which you keep the insects or how they are cared for in transit by shippers.

What kind of guarantee do you offer?

Please refer to Shipping for more information.



"Met these guys at the Red Deer Rep Expo in 2019 – I can second the other review, within 5 minutes of talking to them, I could feel their passion and I wanted to be part of their business!! They love bugs and made me feel so excited about purchasing their super healthy and well cared for insects for my beardie!"

1st time Customer