DELIVERIES: Please provide a delivery address where someone will be available to receive them during regular business hours, Monday to Thursday and Saturdays. If you request insects to be left outdoors, we cannot assume responsibility for their longevity.

WILDFIRE SMOKE ALERT: Please be aware that live insects are very sensitive to airborne contaminants. In times and locations where air quality is poor, we ship only at buyer's risk - we cannot assume responsibility for insect death rate due to low air quality. 

COVID ALERT: ALL shippers are experiencing unpredictable delays in shipments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Critters and Crawlers cannot honour the live guarantee for DOA insects due to shipment delays.

** We do not ship out orders same day - your insects are packed fresh! Orders will ship out at the earliest the next day as they need to be freshly harvested, packed and posted. If you select Overnight Shipping, this does not mean you will receive it the next day. Overnight shipping is the shipper's standard; it means it's overnight from when we can send it. If you have questions about delivery timelines, please contact us in advance - we're happy to find the best solution possible for you. Thank you for your understanding. **


One of our team members will contact you after your order to let you know of the delivery timeline. Generally, we do not to same-day deliveries, and we do not deliver on Friday and Sundays. Delivery in the greater Calgary area will typically be within 24-48 hours Monday through Thursday and Saturdays - subject to availability of any specialty insects ordered, which may delay the delivery.

We deliver to Red Deer on Friday mornings. Deliveries to Edmonton on Fridays are for special circumstances, please contact us.

We are no longer delivering to Lethbridge in the spring/summer months.

Please note we deliver to Airdrie on Tuesdays only. Unfortunately, we do not deliver to Cochrane, Okotoks, High River,  etc.

In the cold weather months, someone must be at delivery address to accept package -- it will not be left outside.


Cold Weather Shipping Policy

Processing and shipping of your order may be delayed when temperatures are below 3 C or above 26 C. 

If temperatures are below 11 C, day or night, we will use our winter insulated packaging and appropriate heat pack at an additional fee of $8.95 per box in order to keep your insects alive during transit and to maintain the 'Live Delivery Guarantee.' This fee is automatically included in your shipping cost, so you will see higher shipping costs in the colder months.

Live Guarantee

This guarantee applies to 1-day shipping ONLY.

Our Live Guarantee amounts to more than 10% death rate. For example, if you order 1,000 crickets, death rate above 100 insects will be honoured. We pack insects based on average weight, they are not counted by hand. You will typically receive more insects in a package than was ordered to account for any natural death.

Replacements of dead on arrival (DOA) insects with your next order will be honoured when you notify us within 12 hours of receiving the shipment. 

DOA Items must be photographed for proof of death and sent by e-mail to:

We only issue a replacement product (at no charge for insects) when shipped with your next order. We cannot refund shipping charges. 

Note: only one replacement will be offered for your order. Unfortunately, we cannot control the living environments in which you keep the insects or how they are cared for in transit by shippers.


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