Caring for your Hornworms

Your Hornworms will arrive in large plastic containers with holes in the lids or in a sealed cardboard box. Hornworms need to be kept at room temperature. They can also be stored at 11°C which is the temperature of a typical wine cooler. They cannot be stored in the refrigerator. In the plastic containers or box, we supply a portion of an egg carton to provide them with enough surface area and protection to prevent stress and injury during transport. We also provide them with specially formulated Hornworm Chow. Hornworms can eat bell peppers; however, for the best results and the healthiest Hornworms possible, they should be fed Critters & Crawlers prepared Hornworm Chow

DO NOT feed your pets wild Hornworms. The natural diet of the wild Hornworm is tomato and tobacco plants and will make the Hornworm toxic to your pet.

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