Caring for your Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL)

Your BSFL’s will arrive in a plastic container packed with moist soil. For obtaining an optimal lifespan, BSFL’s should be kept at cooler temperatures than room temperature. Optimally, they should be stored at 11C which is the temperature of a typical wine cooler, if you plan on keeping them for more than two weeks. They can also be kept in the refrigerator door and warmed up for 15 minutes prior to feeding to ensure proper activity. But be careful they don’t get too cold, as it may kill them. 

The best way to remove the larvae from their substrate is to sift them. You can also rinse the ones you need but be sure to dry them off as they can scale anything when they are wet! The larvae don't need to be fed but you can offer them soft fruit. Just be aware that they won't be as clean in their container since they will create excrement.

If keeping for more than a week, we recommend changing their soil. Any normal, non-contaminated soil will work, and be sure to keep it moist. 

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