Life Cycle of a Cricket


At Critters and Crawlers, we exclusively breed banded crickets.  These easy to keep, active and nutritious crickets are an ideal live feeder for your pet.

Cricket size chart


What does the life cycle of a banded cricket look like at Critters and Crawlers?

At 4-5 weeks of age, our crickets are placed in large breeding bins where they are encouraged to lay eggs into trays filled with an organic soil matrix. Each day, the trays are replaced and taken away for incubation.

Live feeder crickets


In 9-12 days, the eggs hatch and the baby crickets (pinheads) are placed into rearing bins. These rearing bins are set-up to provide them with the proper temperature and humidity. Egg cartons provide an ideal environment to allow the crickets the space to move around and hide.


Critters in egg cartons


Our crickets are fed our signature cricket feed and cricket water. Finally, they are harvested at ages from 1 – 5 weeks, depending on our customers’ requirements.




Once our crickets arrive at your house, we recommend them being kept at room temperature, in a cricket keeper with Critters Feed and Crawler Water.


Cricket Water



Cricket FeedCricket Water

Critters and Crawlers sells live banded crickets directly from our website.  Choose the quantity and size that suits your pet’s needs.

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